Where To Collect Pieces Of hypixel skyblock coins Junk Silver

Junk silver is more than the name implies. For investors seeking an inexpensive way to collect hypixel skyblock coins silver and hold on to the precious metal as the value increases, silver coins can actually be quite lucrative.

Where are some of the places that you can find pieces of silver?

Yard Sales and Estate Sales

Finding silver at yard sales and junk sales means you are going to have a keen eye to be able to identify the pieces, but a little research can go a long way. At these types of sales, the sellers are more likely to bargain, meaning you can get a better deal and increase the potential profits of the popular coins.

Online Auctions

Checking out auctions can create great deals (just watch the cost of shipping). Online marketplaces often start with low reserves, decreasing the potential sale price for the final bidder. As added incentive to shopping through online auctions, there are lots available containing multiple pieces – meaning fewer searches to yield more silver.

Before venturing out to search for junk silver coins, it’s important to learn about the coins that are valuable, years and types of currencies that contain the highest silver levels and the best prices to pay for each coin, or lots of coins being purchased.

It’s true that the coins commonly collected are not going to lose the base value of the currency, but collecting valuable coins that contain higher levels of silver are going to yield a potentially higher investment.

Barber Dimes Are A Collector Favorite

Barber dimes are a favorite with both beginner and advanced collectors as it is fairly easy for them to collect the set except for one rare coin, the 1894-S.  Beginners usually collect Good to Very Good grades, and experienced collectors show interest in mint state and proof examples. Because the series spans the 19th and 20th centuries, type collectors often show interest as well.

Over 500 million pieces were struck over a period of twenty five years beginning in January, 1892. The design for this coin was drawn by the Mint’s Chief Engraver, Charles Barber. He used the existing Morgan dollar as a base, modifying it by including a Liberty cap and shortening the hair in the back. He placed his initial “B” on the neck. Barber’s major accomplishment with his design was a coin that could be produced with one blow on the new high speed coin presses.

There is a 1893/2 overdate that is considered somewhat of an oddity, but the main rarity in this series is the 1894-S dime.  The story is that there were 24 pieces struck, but the location of only ten is known today.  This mystery has resulted in many interesting theories about the location of the missing coins. One story has the San Francisco Mint Superintendent, J. Daggert, giving three of the coins to his daughter with instructions that she keep them. Apparently she spent one of the dimes on the way home for some ice cream, so that coin is referred to as the “ice cream specimen”. The daughter sold the remaining two coins in the 1950s for a considerable profit. With their history and unique 19th century design, the Barber dimes have continued to hold collector interest over the years.