WCOOP n more

So the WCOOP hasn’t been going very good, earlier in the year i won 2 togel online packages on stars, so i got w$ for the 2nd package, decided I will use them towards the WCOOP and possibly save some to use to qualify for wsop or pca next year as well. So i played the about5 events so far with no cashes, I have bubbled a few includeing the 500 NL and 200$ limit events, which sucked, I had a very bad FTOPS and am hpingnot to have the same type of WCOOP. Still a long ways to go and I’ll try to turn int around.

In my last post I bascially described how I decided to become a fulltime poker player, since that time a bout 2.5 years ago, I have focused on different areas such as cash games sitngos and mtt’s. I have found i grow bored of cash games if i play them day in and day out and that my passion is mtt’s, i try to mix up live mtt’s and online. I have had some good success online but the majority of my big cashes have come frombig live mtt’s, I am yet to win a tournament but i did get 2nd at the wynn classic that involved a chop heads up and 4 way chopped a wsop circuit event in tunica , as well as a deep finish in the wsop main event in 2006. Still looking for a breaout win, but am happy enough to be able to make a living playing tournament poker. I would like to thank FT for all they have done for me, and really laying the groundwork for me to be a successful player. Now that I’ve given some background info I will try to keep this as up to date as I can.

WCOOP n what lies ahead

played the final 2 wcoop events the 1k limit and finished itm in 28th, was close to a big score there, but played one hand bad and got a bit shortstacked and took a small beat to bust out right before we got down to 3 tables. in the main event i did well built a decent stack and ended up finishing itm as well somewhere around 200th or 250th cant remember exactly ran qq into AA on a bit of a weird play. pretty much no way to get away from it with only like m of 12 at the time. also the next tuesday i played supertuesday on stars which was a 1k buyin with 300 players or so and 80k for first i ended up 12th, ran qq into AA as well 6 handed against the only donk that covered me. tough to get away from especiually cause he was the donk t the table playing every hand, unfortunatly he took the chip lead with that hand and went on to win the 80k and 1st place, and i am left to another min cash pretty much. Seem to be getting so close but cant catch that break late.

Since then i really havent played any tourneys, the poker club here in kamloops was shut down, and unfortunatly i was helping out the first 2 nights they had undercover guys in there, so even though i was gone the last 3 months for wsop and visiting family etc, they have my name down and have me up for a charge of keeping a common gaming house, which sucks, so my mind has been on that more then anything of late, hoping not to get a criminal record as that would suck, and be tough for me to do the travelling i would like to do in the future. Court date is on the 19th so i’ll know more then, until then i probably wont be playing too much poker, and just look forward to my upcoming trip , should i be able to go. Vancouver from the 17th-25th of november for the BC poker championships, then off to the caribean for the CPC and an extra week there with a buddy to just chill on the beaches, then to vegas for 2 nights on dec 10-12th and then bck home to terrace for a couple weeks to visit family and for christmas, where i will try and concetrate on getting a PCA seat on pokerstars and start grinding cash games again with the odd sunday major played as well. Hopefully verything works out in court as i’m really looking forward to the trip, have to wait and see i guess.