Three Ways The Web Will Improve

Your business success depends on your ability to communicate effectively to an interested audience. Driving appropriate traffic to your site is important, but the tactics that generate visitors are not the same tactics that get visitors to stay on your site.

Websites that consistently under perform and that don’t meet business expectations generally suffer because they are not designed to hold viewers attention long enough to communicate a clear concise marketing message.

Hence the phrase, “Content is King.”

There has been a lot of speculation about what content in the future will be exactly. Some SEOs have said that it will all be multi-media. Others have said link popularity will disappear from search engine algorithms. Still, others predict that text content will be overshadowed video and and social media.

Quite frankly, we don’t think anyone knows for sure what the Web will look like 10 years from now. But I’m sure all of us agree it will look differently than it does today. The Web is ever transforming, changing, adapting. As new businesses and individuals add websites daily and change the content on their websites, the Web continues to grow and that growth is sometimes better, sometimes not. To keep up with the ever-growing changes, search engines and directories must adapt and change as well.

I think there are three primary components to how the Net will change in the next 10 years. Here’s what general direction I see it moving even if I can’t predict what specific changes will be made overall:

  1. Nichefication
  2. Multisensory
  3. Social

1. Nichefication – Expect further splintering within particular niches. As the Web grows, so should each little string of it. Every industry represented online will become more splintered and the websites that represent those industries will begin to develop more specific and well-defined niches. This will serve to make the Web a better place to do business for all.

2. Multisensory – Videos, wave files, podcasts, presentations, and probably even technology not yet invented will allow webmasters to build websites that capture people’s imaginations. Flash will make a huge comeback, though it will be nothing like it’s initial phase of development where people loaded their websites with moving images. It will be used to enhance not to define. There will be new developments in the area of entertainment and information that will bring the two together in websites much like Second Life, but they will make Second Life look like preschool.

3. Social
 – The Web by nature is a social medium. Social media have only begun to rise. Social networking and social bookmarking will continue to improve and will likely even become more multisensory and nichefied themselves. Sites like MySpace and YouTube are popular. They will grow even more so and people will learn to use them effectively in their marketing efforts. Company websites will begin to develop a more social feel and be inviting to visitors and those who see success online will be those websites that are able to get their visitors to open up and become a part of their community.

These predictions are by no means definitive. The Web could move off into an entirely different direction, but based on current trends, I think this is a highly likely scenario.