PokerStars Offers WCOOP Satellites, VIP Club Mega Month

PokerStars is upping the ante on their VIP Club, lowering the requirements for several exciting and exclusive benefits. Until the end of August, players can reach SilverStar VIP status by spending as little as an hour per day at any $0.02/$0.05 No Limit old’em table.“As a SilverSta player,” the company states, “you will earn 50% extra Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for every cent you rake. That makes it easier than ever to save for great PokerStars merchandise and tournament entries!”

Players who attain SilverStar status will have several chances to snag some extra cash, as well. PokerStars will also be running a $30,000 VIP tournament each and every week, with an entry fee set at 100 FPPs. There will also be a monthly $100,000 VIP tournament, featuring an entry fee of 130 FPPs. Though the requirements will return to their normal levels once the month has ended, players who meet this month’s reduced goals will retain their VIP status through the end of September.

Players looking to get a jump start on their bitcoin roulette SilverStar status would do well to check out the WCOOP Mega Satellite. The $3 entry fee in this tournament, according to PokerStars, will bring players 20% of the way toward the VPP requirements.

In total, the buy-in for the WCOOP Mega Satellite is $33+$3. Set to kick off at 6:00 ET, this event will offer at least 250 seats to the 52nd event of the coming WCOOP. Event 52, for its part, features No Limit Hold’em gameplay with a guarantee of $400,000. For those looking to buy straight in, the entry fee will be $320.

Ever since April 15, US poker players have been in a scramble to find a site that would allow them to play. Many had to abandon their usual site and even some quit altogether.

Phil Galfond is taking a different route. Known for winning millions of dollars in online games over the course of 4+ years, Galfond has decided to move. His new residence is in Vancouver, Canada, allowing him to play at his former sites.

News broke out during his tweet: “Hey twitter I’m in Canada…staying here for 3-6 months and then re-evaluating.”

He’s been seen playing at PokerStars at the highest stakes. Rival Isildur1 was quick to recognize this and added a bit of humor chatting “Oh no, he’s back.”

Of course, Galfond isn’t the only high stakes US player who has made their way up north. Cole “CTS” South has previously made the move to allow himself to still play at FullTilt.

In the end, Galfond ended up a loser in his first session back at PokerStars. In about 2,500 hands, he was down $18,000 before calling it quits. He still seems happy to be back by later tweeting “Oh well. Still happy to be playing. I love the game.”

What Phil Galfond has done will probably be the path that other higher stakes US players take so don’t be surprised. In Galfond’s case he is only staying for 3-6 months for sure and then will be re-evaluating. Most players hope by then poker will be allowed at the previous big names like PokerStars.