Keywords and their correct usage

Keywords is a term that is bandied about on the internet with some frequency, but some people still dont know what it means or how to use it. Keywords are essentially words or phrases that summarize the topic of a site.

Here are just a few of the things to remember when trying to optimize your website with keywords. Placing keywords strategically throughout your web pages will greatly improve your rankings in the search engines. Many sites, however, leave them out altogether so their site won’t get ranked at all. Inserting too many keywords in your web pages or repeating them too often, will result in your site getting banned from the search engines. This is called keyword spamming.

Remember to use your meta tags effectively with your keywords. Using the keyword meta tag, the title metatag and the description metatag will certainly help with your search engine ranking. In other words, the keywords in your tags must pertain to the actual content on the page. Therefore, the same keywords you list in your tags must be used within the text your page displays.

The most important part of the content is the opening paragraph. The primary keyword – the keyword that was used in the title and description, and listed first in the keyword text – should be used several times in the first paragraph, and then occasionally throughout the rest of the page. Other, less important keywords can be used occasionally throughout the content, as well. This will indicate to the search engines that your page really is relevant to the keywords listed in your tags.